Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Online Appearance isn’t only about “online existence”, it contains other factors such as communication with your customer, what does your brand depicts and so on. “Social Media Marketing” is one of the significant tools containing the aptitude to vitally modify the manner your brand communicates with its customers and forecast.

Nilank Technologies comprises use of latest and efficient social media marketing tools and claims not to only communicate effectively with your customer but grabbing his/her focus through:

•    Strengthening social media appearance at distinguished platforms
•    Distinctive Content
•    High-quality pictures and videos
•    Promotional advertising links and ads
•    Professional feedbacks
•    Approach to give a glimpse of your story

Our services include:

Development of social media scenarios : We contain a well-depicted, best in industry and market procedures for operating with clients. We execute plans parallel to audiences, goals, scenarios, and approaches that stimulate success.

Social Media Conversion : We execute social media marketing strategies for brands and support them in long-term.

Cooperative Management :Our cooperative management teams create excellent social media cooperatives using editorial planning, analyzing, and content creating, and so on.

Adversity Management : : Our cooperative and adversity professionals are familiar with the concept of escalation and adverse communication on social media. We handle adversity with professionalism.

Social Content Generation : We don’t just throw anything on social media defining our client’s brand. We claim to put forward unique content with accurate information.

Social Broadcasting : Our top-notch social broadcasting ensures to boost your viewers and exceed your objectives favorably.

Promotions : Our well-planned and implemented social media promotions help in achieving goals of your business.

Formers Assurance : : We form genuine and authentic assuring content of your brand all over the social media.

Analyzing : : We offer Social ROI services for brands containing distinguished business models and other developing strategies.

Social attentive : : Our social attentive service analyzes brand decisions from marketing, development to customer service performs.